Pelles Flygsida © All Material copyright PG Sound 2013  Radar Live Forecast FMS Big Scale EPO  Spitfire  1400mm 2100g 50A Reglage 5st servon,brushless, Ret. L-gear New: 219.- (assembled and tested) FMS Big Scale EPO  P51D Mustang    Silver/Blue 1440mm, 1600g, Motor 4250-KV540, 65A Reglage 9st met.servo Ret. L-gear, flaps, 4 blads prop. New: 269.- (in box) FMS Big Scale EPO  Cessna 400 1400mm, 1240g, Motor: Brushless, 30A Reglage 4st servo Possible flaps 3 blads prop. New: 169.- (assembled and tested) FMS Medium Scale EPO  Piper J3 “Cub”   1030mm 625g 20A Reglage 4st servon, Brushless motor 1 testflight: 179.- (assembled and tested)