12/06/13 FlightSimPM “Quality for any budget” Harware and solutions for Flightsim.
10/04/15 Simujabs Hardware & Cockpit-Extension Proud to present your work of art. Preflight Preflight Tower Tower Notam Notam Metar Metar Hangar Hangar
© PG Sound 2013 One man's magic is another man's engineering. Robert A Heinlein
This project started way back in 1985...... Many thing’s have changed. Internet was not even invented. Compac 386 Portable...hmmm what ever portable ment. First Microsoft Flight- simulator..for me monochrome. Not getting sentimental are we.. With all of the different oppartunities of today there is one thing still needed. The cooperation between human people. Sometimes I wonder how many people I have been fortunate to meet during this process. We will give you something special .... almost 30 years of human experience. Very welcome to our aviation world. P.Grönroos
"This is a first-time event, and we're looking forward to it." Chuck Yeager
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10/06/13 CP Flight  Quality Hardware for Flightsim 12/06/14 FlightSimPM “Quality for any budget” Harware and solutions for Flightsim. 15/5/13 Mr. J.Sipiläinen ( F.Officer ) - Avionics & Aerodynamics 10/4/12 Mr. M.Lervik ( Finland ) - AutoCad Drawings & Solotions
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Tower Tower